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All our wines are made from native fermentations and are unfined & unfiltered.



The 2013 vintage was a polarizing vintage with its share of adversity. The vintage began very warm through the spring and transitioned in July to cool and by the end of July and through October it was torrentially rainy and humid. This slowed ripening and brought botrytis. We sorted in the vineyard and in the winery to discard up to 45% of the yield to reach our quality goals. What remained produced a wine we are very pleased with.


In 2014 the wines that came from great terroirs made themselves. It was a vintage of opulence, depth, and concentrated purity. The season was fast paced, with 20% higher growing degree days.


2015 in the Willamette Valley was a vintage of bountiful yields and opulence resultant of the record warmth. The fruit set was high and the berry size small, which produced deeply, concentrated wines. The 2015 growing season had fewer heat spikes than 2014, which allowed for lower alcohol levels and fine balance. It is early to definitively comment but we suspect the 2015 to be a year that will age very well and be touted as one of the superlative vintages of the decade in Oregon.

The vintage is a hypothetical chimera of the 2013 and 2015 seasons; it started warm and early similar to 2013 whilst nearing the cumulative heat of 2015. It ranks as the 3rd warmest vintage in the past 10 years. 25% more precipitation than average was recorded, but the rainfalls were ideally timed throughout. These climate conditions made for vines with plenty of vigor and an early véraison. The 2016 vintage produced spectacular ripe, round, fruit driven, and balanced wines.Harvest started on August 24th and continued into the first week of September. Our small vineyard had 10 individual picks to ensure complexity and optimal ripeness.


The 2017 vintage in the Willamette Valley had some parallels to the 2013 vintage in cumulative heat through the growing season, but the wines show a profile that most relates in style to the 2008 and 2010 vintages because of the excellent delineation and focus.  The vines were not stressed throughout the season due to adequate soil moisture coupled with moderate temperatures, both of which brought a wine style of a more pensive quality than hedonist profile.